Shoutout for Atlassian

In the last two days I was able to download and install a great stack of software from Atlassian, which would theoretically allow a small team of 5-10 people to organize software development on enterprise-grade tools:

  • JIRA for issue tracking and planning, with support for Agile project management
  • STASH for hosting and integrating your git repositories
  • Crucible + Fish Eye for Code review
  • Bamboo for Continuous Integration
  • Confluence for Documentation

As a novice to server administration I was able to install the software, set the packages up for integrated work and import my projects from github – including issues, tags and so on, in about 10 working hours. Using the software is rather easy, maybe with the exception of the CI-server, which probable is more a sign of my lack of knowledge in this area, and a lack of templates in the R domain. And the price is a snap: for each package there is a starter licence setting you back 10$, covering 5-10 seats, which Atlassian will donate. So, if you are thinking of starting a startup, you could probably do worse than locking yourself into the Atlassian stack.

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