Schwarzer Humor in England

FT Alphaville scheint nicht sehr angetan zu sein von den Plänen der englischen Regierung, eine kostenlose, staatliche Ausfallversicherung für Hypothekenschuldner anzubieten.

All of which leads Alphaville to reprise this popular British pop song:

“We’re all going on a summer mortgage holiday.
No more working for a month year or two.
Fun and laughter on a summer mortgage holiday.
No more worries for me and you.
For a week year or two.”

“We’re going where the sun shines brightly banks lend lightly.
We’re going where the sea is pound is blue.
We’ve seen it depression in the movies.
Now lets see if it’s true.”

“Everybody has wants a summer mortgage holiday
Doing things they always wanted to.
So we’re going on a summer mortgage holiday
To make our Gordon’s dreams come true
For me and you. “

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